• The online scheduling is now open for the 2024 season.
    Available dates are May 15-September 15, Monday-Friday, 10:00 and 1:00. There will be some Wednesday 4:00
    spots as well.
  • We will be operating the Brat Hut at Trig’s several Fridays this summer as part of our fundraising! Mark your calendars now and plan to come down for your brats or hotdogs on: May 24, June 14, and July 12
  • All of the seating on our pontoon has been replaced or recovered.
  • We will also have new flooring installed before the season opens.
  • New life jackets have been purchased.
  • Metal cup holders have been purchased that can attach to the side railings.
  • 2 volunteers have agreed to take responsibility for boat maintenance.
  • We had a fun season on the water in 2023! Check out our trip portfolio.

Items Needed to Purchase

  • We will continue to look into purchasing a trailer to use for mobile storage of our equipment.

Other News

  • We need someone to maintain the fishing rods, both new ones and the older ones in the storage unit. 2024
  • Several volunteers participated in the UpNorth Expo in March 2024.
  • We have a new Humminbird Helix 10 locator. July 2023
  • A storage locker has been installed on our dock to hold 12 new fishing poles. June 2023
  • The approach to our boat’s dock had holes filled in and has been smoothed out. May 2023